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The affordable images on these pages are low cost  high quality royalty free stock and rights managed photos as low as 50 cents depicting food,people,affordable lifestyle stock photos ,business,conceptual,medical,yoga, and health and fitness.This website is continually expanding with affordable royalty free photos covering the earth.  There is high quality stock photos on alternative energy,holistic medicine,women's health ,objects,and people photographs and a full range of affordable stock photos various lifestyles .In our travel section the photos depict Orange County California stock photos,Southern California stock photograph. Also available are quality  images  of Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties

High quality is primary for the site and maintaining low cost for our clients.  There is new affordable photography added on a daily basis.  The royalty free stock  quality photos are designed for web designers, photo buyers, and creative directors seeking quality photography and high quality affordable multiple photos of lifestyle photos, conceptual.people stock photography,food images,yoga,and career stock photos travel stock photos.  Also there are images of health and fitness

We are currently adding new yoga stock photos ,conceptual,and photography which depicts holistic medicine and treatments using yoga, massage and other techniques in holistic practices. We are also offering a specialized area dedicated to alternative medicine and stock photos of massage,careers in this field,herbs, and ancient medicine practices and techniques.

The site is primarily afforadable high quality royalty free stock images of lifestyle,people stock photos,travel,yoga stock photos, food photography and career stock photos. There will be  additional rights managed stock photos, and royalty free stock photos specializing in alternative medicine ,health fitness ,holistic, and yoga stock photos.

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The stock images are priced on a royalty free basis so that the stock photos are available at low cost   Starting at 50 cents for photo buyers, web designers, and graphic artist. is a source for affordable  rich quality stock photo images and lifestyle stock photography,Also we are expanding our people stock photos,  health and fitness,conceptual stock photography library,women's health,and yoga stock photos.The owner of started as a fine art photographer and merged into the stock photo community in 1996 specializing in people stock photos. 

Blueglobestockphoto is continually expanding its affordable stock photo library specializing in quality conceptual,food,lifestyle,people stock photos,and travel stock photos. Now included are stock photos of Orange County California ,Los Angeles, and San Diego, You will find many images of beaches, the Pacific ocean

The emphasis is developing an ever expanding stock photos of people  stock photos and travel stock photos.We ae currently adding photos depicting yoga and stock photos of massage,yoga,meditation, various holistic treatments and object stock photos.

Our mission is to provide numerous people stock photos,various lifestyle stock photos with people in different situations, and new travel stock photos with destinations throughout the world.